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Living Facades and Podium Planter Boxes


A green facade is created by growing climbing plants up and across the facade of a building, either from plants grown in garden beds at its base or by planter boxes installed at different levels across the building.


Green facades are often installed because they provide an attractive look to a building wall.

They may be used to block out a view or to provide shade for a building. Green facades can create a cooler microclimate immediately adjacent to a building, primarily through direct shading of the building facade.

 Green facades provide shading of the building and protection of its surface.

They capture airborne particulate matter and volatile gaseous pollutants.

These benefits will be greater for evergreen plants that retain foliage cover year-round.


We supply and install lightweight structural void fill  & drainage cell.

Ideal for creating landscape mounds, structural fill for planter boxes, podiums planters, and rooftop gardens.

Drainage cell is the most

advanced underground geo-composite and offers high

compressive strength, lightweight construction, and low cost compared to traditional methods.

Drainage cell removes only excess

water, keeping a perfect amount of moisture. It features water retention cups that provide optimal moisture conditions for healthy growing plants.


 In the larger cities, the vegetation is used for many purposes, such as cooling of a city, improving the air quality and improving the look & feel of open spaces. The advantage is that it takes up little space. The climbing plant which can cover a five-story building can be planted directly to a garden bed or in podium planter boxes.

Urban gardens help create stress-free zones  & purify the air.    


We offer solutions to all your landscaping and vertical garden needs. No project is too large or too small and our expertise ensures that each job is completed on time and with the highest quality of workmanship.

We strongly believe that communication is the key to successful relationships that in turn lead to successful projects and satisfied clients.


Our maintenance technicians are certified horticulturists with years of experience looking after this amazing and intricate plant world.

Our expert team provide monthly service visits that include:

  • Removal of shedding foliage

  • Trimming of plants

  • Testing the irrigation system

  • Testing grow lights

  • Refilling fertilizer
  • Pest management

  • Seasonal refurbishments of plants (optional – additional cost).


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